Miller Farms Beef
100% Family Raised Grass-Fed Beef

Miller Farms Beef

Our cattle are grown on our family farm in Delta, Alabama.

• Raised using humane, sustainable farming practices

• Free ranged on lush pastures during warmer months, and fed hay or pasture silage in colder months
• Never shut in crowded, confined feedlots
• All natural—no hormones, steroids or antibiotics
• Never fed corn, grain or animal byproducts
• Never irradiated

We offer our beef in quarter sections or a 40lb box:
Orders of 1/4, 1/2, or a whole cow can be purchased and the final price is determined by the hanging weight of the meat. Hanging weight prices are $4.10 per pound for a 1/4, $3.95 per pound for a 1/2, and $3.85 per pound for a whole cow. A box contains 40lb of packaged meat and will be $325.00.

Cuts included in the sections are listed below:
1.  Filets - two per pack 
2.  NY Strip -  two per pack

3.  Rib-eye  -  two per pack
4.  Sirloin  -  one per pack
5.  Roast  -  two to three pounds
6.  Ground Beef  -  one pound packages

40lb box for $325.00 consists of:
2 - Filets
2 - Sirloins
2 - Roasts
4 - Rib Eyes
4 - NY Strips
5 - 1lb packs of Stew Meat
20 - 1lb bags of Ground Beef

All cuts except ground beef are in vacuum sealed packages

Other cuts may be available upon request.

American Grassfed Association Certified
Miller Farms Beef AGA Producer Member #0353 

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